This year marks our 12th year doing the Members Snowshoe Shoot and every year our members venture out in the wilderness to challenge their skills a little differently than normal. 

They wear snowshoes and they are timed. 

Each member is allowed 6 arrows and they have to shoot within 15 minutes in their catergory which include: 

Self bows and wood shoes

traditional bows and any shoe

Compound and any shoe

We also have a kids group so they can join in on the fun. 

This year our winners in each category: 


1st place youth:

Kylie K. 5 pt.

No runners up


1st place compound:

Mark A.30pt.

Runners up

Kyle K.

Doc W.


1st place traditional:

Steve S. 29 pt.

Runners up

Tom D.

Jim N.


1st place selfbow:

Chuck L. 17 pt.

No runners up


Fastest time:

Dino Zack 4 minutes

After the events are over- the members enjoy a small lunch and prizes for each catergory. 


Enjoy the pictures: