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 Annual Open House


Sunday, October 10, 2024

10am-12 noon

New member orientation

For those who are interested in becoming a member, we are starting the member orientation promptly at 10am


Have you been on our courses and wanted to know more about the club but heard the rumors that you have to know someone to get in?


Have you ever wanted to know what Archery is all about?


Did you ever think that you couldn’t learn the sport of Archery?


Did you know our memberships are family memberships AND did you know that you can join if you are out of town?


Well now you can have all those questions answered at our Open house. 



We have decided to open our doors to the public besides during our archery shoots and let everyone know what we are about.


We will be giving mini tours of our grounds and buildings, having our orientation  ( this is a pre-requisite) and speaking about our history. 


We will also be showing the different bows that are out there that you didn’t know about which include traditional bows, compound and we may even bring out the crossbow. 

If you decide to join at the Open House- you will receive $50.00 of your initiation fee. 


If you are interested please contact

Jim Newhouse at 716-480-0978. 

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