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Hawkeye Bowmen’s 

Youth Archery Clinic

2024 dates
June 24th
July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
REGISTRATION will start in May
Come back for updates

Thank you to all of the kids who participated in our Youth Archery Clinic this year.

Thank you to all of the parents who encouraged their kids to try something new or to continue with something that isn't always easy.

The kids did great this year and as always smiling faces were seen by all. 

We as members love to see that even though it is a short time for them to learn archery, how much they grow in those few weeks. To those who have never picked up a bow before and was very hesitant to try to a child who grew in confidence each week. 

For those who have been doing this before and to see their confidence grow bigger and letting them figure out what they are doing wrong with a little encouragement and seeing them smile means the world to us.

Thank you to Dave Reed for spear heading the clinic and a special thank you to Mike Carvelli and Tom Lachut who keep our range line running smoothly and safely. 

For the members who attended to volunteer their time to help out- THANK YOU. It wouldn't be possible for us to do the events that we do without our members time and dedication. 

We hope you enjoyed yourselves and continue on with your archery skills and remember to practice practice practice. 

Shoot for the sky and chase the dream. 

We have included some pictures taken from the event- please share to your hearts content. 

Thanks again all. 

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