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Hawkeye Bowmen
Bowhunter League


2024 DATES


(must shoot 5)

May 6th-June 17th

(Except for May 27th as this is Memorial Day)

(these are on Mondays)

Registration is from 4pm-7pm

$10 weekly

15 targets

General Rules

1.) League will be every Monday for 6 weeks. You only need to shoot 5 weeks for score. 

2.) If you shoot all 6 weeks, your lowest score will be dropped.

3.)A liability waiver must be signed at the start of the league when you are registering. 

4.) Scoresheets must be properly tabulated (name, date, scores and accurate totals).

5.) Any further rules or changes will be brought to the league shooter's attention as soon as possible.

6.) Courses will be marked with flags. Please stay on the marked paths.


Scoring and Shooting Format

1.) IBO scoring shall be used 11-10-8-5-0

2.) 15 target stations per week. ( 1 arrow per target)

3.) Scoring is on "your honor". Fair play is the cornerstone of our club. Please- NO CHEATING. If the arrow               touches the line the arrow scores the higher value.

4.) Wherever the arrow lands, is where the arrow is scored.

5.) The league shall consist of 15 3-D targets placed in hunting situations throughout our property. 

6.) A round consisters of 15 arrows, one at each target. 

7.) Foot must touch the appropriate stake. 



At this time there is not a crossbow class. If there is enough interest, it may be added in the future.

BOWHUNTER:The Bowhunter class will consist of a vertical bow with a front stabilier of no more than 12 inches in total length from the front of the riser. Back bars of any length are permitted. Fixed and moveable sights are permitted with our without magnification. Mechanical release aids may be used. Arrows up to a 27xx (27/64") size are permitted. NO BROADHEADS. Range finders are allowed. Maximum distance will be 45 yards. Bowhunter Class will shoot from the orange stake. 

TRADITIONAL: The Traditional class will consist of any longbow, recurve, or self bow of any material. No sights or mechanical release aids are permitted. Arrows of any material may be used up to a diameter of 27xx (27/64"). NO BROADHEADS. Range finders are allowed. Maximum distance will be 25 yards. Traditional Class will shoot from the green stake.


Cash awards will be given for top three places and a blind draw. 

Ties will be decided by the total number of 11's shot suring the league.

If still tied, it will be determined by the first shooter to miss an 11.

If still tied after that, tied shooters will have to shoot a target of our choosing and distance. 

Range finders may be used and closest to the center will determine the winner.

All archer's names who did not place in a given class will be entered in a Blind Draw to earn a 10% payout of the gross take for that class. 

Payouts per class are as follows:                                                       Ex: 20 shooters in a class= $1000 gross sales

1st place= 25% of total gross take                                                              $250.00 payout

2nd place= 15% of total gross take                                                            $150.00 payout

3rd place=10% of total gross take                                                             $100.00 payout

Blind Draw= 10% of total gross take                                                       $100.00 payout

Call or text 716-698-2373 for questions.

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